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A dentist specializing in kids is a valuable part of a pediatric team, especially as children's oral hygiene sets long-term habits and overall health. It is important to find a pediatric dentist for children as early as possible. Pediatric dentistry benefits children of all ages, from infants to teens. Children go through many developmental changes.

A pediatric dentist is available at Parkside Pediatric Dentists in Concord and the surrounding area. Our team offers a range of pediatric dental treatments to fit each child’s unique needs. Call us at 925-504-4011 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are uniquely qualified to provide oral care for infants, toddlers, school-aged children, teens, and children with special needs. Pediatric dentists must complete an additional two years of training beyond dental school. As a result, they are equipped with a large range of dental techniques and specialized knowledge of approaching pediatric patients.

Children are better suited to see a pediatric dentist specifically. Not only can pediatric dentists handle children of various ages and temperaments, but they also have a deep understanding of the oral health challenges kids face through different stages of development. Common dental procedures that affect kids include teeth extractions, filling cavities, orthodontic treatments, and emergency care for dental injuries.

“Pediatric dentists handle children of various ages and temperaments.”

When to Seek a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists know how to care for children's teeth and gums from infancy through their teen years, whether or not children face immediate oral health issues. They are experts in treating both baby teeth and permanent teeth, allowing for a healthy transition. It is never too early to find a pediatric dentist as baby teeth start coming in around 6 months of age. Treatment may begin as early as birth as oral bacteria of an expecting mom can be passed along to their baby.

Pediatric dentists offer important preventative care, habit counseling, and early assessment and treatment to correct a crooked bite. In addition, they can further identify health risks and manage oral conditions associated with other diseases, such as diabetes, congenital heart defects, asthma, and ADHD. Importantly, they treat dental injuries and emergencies common in kids, like broken or knocked-out teeth.

“Treatment may begin as early as birth as oral bacteria of an expecting mom can be passed along to their baby.”

Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

When it comes to going to the dentist, children are not always patient or cooperative. The right pediatric dentist should approach dental examination and treatment in a way that makes a child feel comfortable. This means considering not only a dentist's qualification but also their demeanor and personality. Pediatric dentists should demonstrate an ability to connect with children of all ages and temperaments.

Further considerations include the office environment: pediatrics dentists are best to care for children, and their office should show it. For example, does the dental office have specially designed equipment or child-friendly décor? Even more importantly, do they offer a range of services and treatments to meet kids' vast oral health needs?

“The right pediatric dentist should approach dental examination and treatment in a way that makes a child feel comfortable.”

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Resources for Finding a Pediatric Dentist

Parents should ask their dentist, family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations when looking for a pediatric dentist. Insurance providers may also have a list of local pediatric dental practices for parents to check out. Of course, numerous online review sites from Yelp to 1-800-Dentist provide both patient and professional insights into pediatric providers and practices.

Dedicated review sites for pediatric dentistry include:

“When looking for a pediatric dentist, parents should ask their dentist, family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations.”

Questions to Ask a Pediatric Dentist

Finding the right pediatric dentist is not a "one and done" endeavor. Before making a final decision, we advise parents to try a few different pediatric dentists to get a better feel for a provider equipped to meet their child's unique oral needs. Parents should furthermore come prepared to ask specific questions to help determine the right fit in pediatric dentistry.

Questions to ask a potential provider include:

  • Are they specially qualified to treat children? What is their training?
  • Do they offer a preventative approach to care? Can they help stop bad dental habits?
  • Can they treat dental emergencies like a knocked-out or chipped tooth?
  • How do they deal with nervous kids? Do they offer sedation dentistry?
  • What should I expect for my child’s first visit?

“Parents should furthermore come prepared to ask specific questions to help determine the right fit in pediatric dentistry.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do children get their first teeth?

A. Children begin to get in their baby teeth during their first six months and their secondary teeth between 6 and 12 years. A pediatric dentist treats baby teeth and permanent teeth alike.

Q. What is habit counseling in pediatric dentistry?

A. Sometimes called habit therapy, pediatric dentists offer behavior counseling and oral devices to deter children from poor dental habits, like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

Q. What are the effects of poor dental hygiene in kids?

A. Bacteria from gum disease can travel to other parts of the body, affecting kids' brain development and indirectly influencing their heart health. Oral bacteria in the body also increase the risk of respiratory infection and make it challenging to manage blood sugar levels.

Q. What makes a pediatric dentist special?

A. A kids' dentist is special not just because of their extended training but also because of their ability to connect with children, making them feel comfortable and motivating them to take care of their teeth.

Q. What treatments do pediatric dentists offer?

A. Pediatric dentists usually offer a wide range of treatments, including:

  • X-ray imaging exams
  • Routine teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Tooth fillings
  • Teeth removal or extraction
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Emergency dental treatments

Quality Pediatric Dental Services Can Transform Smiles

By visiting us as soon as possible, our team can help get your child the professional treatment they need.

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Definition of Pediatric Dental Terminology

Electric Toothbrush
A type of toothbrush that moves or vibrates using electric power to deep clean the teeth.
Fluoride Treatment
A treatment that uses a high concentration of fluoride to improve oral health and prevent tooth decay.
Gum Line
The area in the inner mouth in which the teeth meet the gums.
Pediatric Dentist
A dental specialist who primarily diagnoses and treats children and adolescents.
Physical Examination
A dental examination in which a dentist examines the entirety of the mouth using their hands and dental tools.
A sticky material that forms on the surfaces of teeth from food, beverages, and saliva.
Primary Teeth
The dental term for “baby teeth.”
Routine Cleaning
An annual or semi-annual dental visit in which a dentist professionally cleans the teeth using dental tools and materials
Tooth Extraction
The removal of a tooth from its socket.
Also called X-radiation, a device that sends out electromagnetic waves of high energy with short wavelengths to provide a digital image of a part of the body.

Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are an important part of children's health care. Kids' mouths change as they grow, and they may require special care as kids are more vulnerable to cavities or dental injuries than adults. Even children without dental health issues can benefit from habit counseling and a preventative approach by pediatric dentists.

If someone is in search of a pediatric dentist in Concord, let Parkside Pediatric Dentists help. Call us at 925-504-4011 to learn more about our services and policies.

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