What a Pediatric Dentist Recommends With Kids and Pacifiers

What a Pediatric Dentist Recommends With Kids and Pacifiers from Parkside Pediatric Dentists in Concord, CAA pediatric dentist knows how important pacifier use is to some parents and children. The habit of sucking pacifiers may be a soothing activity for your child. The happiness sucking on a pacifier can help your child sleep right away. Your pediatric dentist may have some recommendations about pacifiers and kids. If you want to find out what they are, here are the details.

The purpose of using pacifiers

Pacifiers soothe children in between feedings. These tools also relax kids enough to fall asleep. A pediatric dentist would recommend a pacifier in place of the baby’s thumb. Studies show that these relaxing tools can lower the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in babies below 12 months of age.

Using pacifiers after five years of age

Any pediatric dentist knows how difficult it is for kids to break the habit of sucking on a pacifier. It tends to persist beyond age four if parents do not intervene. Children who use pacifiers after five years of age have a high risk of having dental issues. Problems will start to develop as the child keeps the habit of sucking on a pacifier.

Jaw misalignment, roof narrowing, and tooth decay will start to bother the child. Mouth sores and slanting teeth are also issues from prolonged pacifier use. That is why any pediatric dentist recommends making the child stop this habit early. It may be difficult but still possible.

Getting creative

Choosing a toy to replace the pacifier may be an effective strategy to stop pacifier use. A pediatric dentist would find this ideal for children who choose toys even at an early age. Trading in a pacifier for a brand-new toy is a pleasant way to stop the habit. Some experienced store clerks even help parents accomplish the mission. In some cases, a parent can ask a child to give away his or her pacifiers to other children who need them.

Offering a substitute

A pediatric dentist can suggest giving the child a comfort toy or a cuddle doll in place of the pacifier. The parent can offer a lively game in the garden or a board game in the living room. Doing these before the child sleeps can help erase the thought of using a pacifier. The child could then look forward to sleeping even without the pacifier.

Counting down

Slowly counting down to the disappearance or transitioning of the pacifier is an effective intervention. Any pediatric dentist knows how dramatic this strategy is, but it works. Some children become more understanding if the goodbye is more visual. In this technique, a parent can keep cutting the pacifier nipple as the weeks pass. This will lead to the end of the child’s sucking habits. The child must know how to let go as part of growing up.

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Your pediatric dentist can help you wean your child from the feeding bottle

The comfort your child gets from sucking on a pacifier is more than enough reason for your child to keep on using it. You should help your child stop this habit as early as possible. Your pediatric dentist recommends doing so before the age of five. That way, your child can avoid experiencing various dental issues in the future.

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